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What to Expect from a Good Condo Management Company

Owning and renting out a condo involves many responsibilities. If you decide to work with a management company, they’ll handle most of the responsibilities for you so you don’t have to worry about them. Here’s what to expect from a condo management company

Condo Management Companies Handle Rent

Dealing with rent is a common part of condo management. Your management company handles all the issues related to rent, including setting appropriate rates, collecting rent and any late fees, and adjusting rent.

A Condo Management Company Deals with Tenants

From finding and screening tenants to handling move outs and evictions, a Calgary property management company helps make sure your property is rented and your tenants are satisfied. They also handle leases and any complaints and emergencies.

A Property Management Company Performs Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping your condo in good, safe condition is important, and time consuming. A condo management company is responsible for the physical condition of the property, including preventative maintenance and emergency repairs.

Condo Property Management Companies Know Landlord-Tenant Law

There are many laws regarding landlords and tenants. There are regulations about screening tenants, terminating a lease, complying with safety standards, and more. Keeping track of all these laws is challenging at times, but a Calgary property management company stays up-to-date for you so that you know you and your property are following the appropriate regulations.

A Management Company can Aid in Filing Taxes

Paying taxes for an investment property can also be tricky. A property management company can aid you in understanding how to file taxes appropriately or can often file taxes for you.

Condo management is a big job, but not something you need to face alone. When you hire a management company, you can expect them to aid you in all areas of property management.

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