Stress Free Property Management Services In Calgary


When you partner with New Leaf Properties, you free yourself to spend more time on the things that really matter in your life. We handle the tedious tasks of managing your rental property, including the financial tracking, documentation, scheduling, rent collection and communication with contractors and tenants. We are known as a leading provider of property management in Calgary because our clients have grown to trust our efficiency. They also know that we’re committed to exceptional customer service, treating every client and tenant with maximum respect.

Few property management companies in the Calgary area can provide the innovative management tools that we offer every client. We go above and beyond to take the weight of property management from your shoulders. We help you increase profits and tenant satisfaction while relieving the stress that would otherwise rest on your shoulders.


Manage Important
Details and Documentation

Access resident profiles, contact information, digital lease agreements, inspection reports, and other files stored in a secure cloud.


Financial Reporting

Track financial performance and rental income, and view transaction history for individual tenants.


Request Tracking

View and approve work order requests online, complete with attached photographs and videos. Track the vendor’s progress on a live basis.


Open Door Communication

We leave no questions unanswered. Our response is always prompt, professional and personable.



Be part of the process and watch what happens in real-time. We pride ourselves in having no hidden fees.



We are serious, there isn’t a thing we haven’t seen or dealt with. Honestly, surprise us!

A Reliable & Dependable Condo Management Company


When it comes to condo buildings, you need a property management team that is completely devoted to your success. This is exactly what you get with the experienced professionals at New Leaf Properties. Our goal is to improve the rental experience for every tenant while keeping every client well-informed and thoroughly satisfied so you don’t have to. We do this by providing advanced technology and creative solutions to common problems. What else would you expect from the most reliable provider of condo management in Calgary?

Our positive attitude and ability to efficiently organize and manage all types of condominium buildings is what distinguishes us as one of the leading condo management companies serving the Calgary area today. Trust the expert team at New Leaf Properties to take your condo building to the next level. With a genuine passion for this industry, you can count on us to represent your whole building consistently and professionally. Let us help take care of your building and everything in between.


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