We are a new kind of property management company in Calgary
one that actively plays a part in the success of our owners’ investment properties. Instead of simply carrying out the bare minimum to meet expectations, we take a highly motivated, systematic, and involved approach to property management.

Owning Property Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Let our team of professionals make owning your property a hassle-free experience!

Why New Leaf?

We don’t quite see ourselves as a run-of-the-mill property management company. Our entire strategy revolves around how the OWNERS with a personal interest and investment in the property, would approach decision-making throughout the entire process. It’s an evolved strategy that better supports and accomplishes the goals of condominium corporations and OWNERS.

Every condominium is different. Instead of a one-size-fits-all philosophy, ours is a customized approach that emphasizes attention to detail, efficient communication, and a commitment to being closely involved with every decision. We aim to foster a close relationship with every condominium board and its residents and employees, that addresses each of their unique needs, goals, and ideologies. Our aim is to collaborate with you to develop a strategy that eases the hassles and difficulties that come along with investing in and managing a condominium corporation.

In addition to our unique approach, we also provide a highly visible property management experience. Our transparent approach is combined with modern solutions to information sharing and storage to create a seamless condominium management experience. Mobile and online access to all the information, documents, and data you need means you’re in the loop with what is happening with your property—anytime, anywhere. Enjoy hands-free ownership without sacrificing up-to-the-minute knowledge.

Along with our long-time experience and knowledge of the local Alberta market, our understanding of what success personally means to you as an OWNER results in a dedicated condominium property management experience that you can put your full faith in.


About Us

New Leaf Properties offers a fresh approach to property management, built on the foundation of over 25 years of property management experience.

New Leaf Properties offers a fresh approach to condominium property management. Our philosophy is based on thinking like the condominium OWNERS. We believe in making decisions with you in mind—an approach that means your best interests are always at the forefront of our strategy. Our client-focused team has years of experience in helping condo OWNERS and corporations minimize the hassles of owning an investment property, while maximizing return.

We are proud and work hard to establish our reputation of more than just a property management company: one that is proactive, involved, and truly cares about and understands our clients’ needs, as well as the residents and vendors we work with. Our integrative, OWNER-focused approach allows us to meet the goals of the condo boards we work with, while creating a satisfying and successful experience for all those involved.

New Leaf Properties is licensed with the Real Estate Council of Alberta. Contact us today and learn more about how we can assist you in expanding your potential and the convenience of our partnered approach to managing your condominium corporation.

What We Do

New Leaf Properties takes care of all the details to make running a condominium property simple and worry free. With years of experience in assisting strata and condominium corporations, we have a targeted approach and the insight necessary for maximizing the potential of your condominium.

How It Works

As a client, you receive access to our innovative Property OWNER Portal: a one-stop, convenient, and centralized customer service platform that helps OWNERS stay in the loop. Our portal features a full suite of financial and accounting tools, tracking and reporting features, document management services, service request management and much more. Know when your condominium corporation undergoes any changes, repairs or upgrades; and see announcements pertaining to condo decisions that affect your investment.

Enjoy complete transparency of all interactions, decisions, and transactions that take place. Not only do you know when something happens right when it happens, but you can easily track the history and timeline of every event. See all of the information you want to see, and all of the numbers you need to make decisions.

Full Access—Anytime, Anywhere

Check real-time board decisions, bulletins, and financial reports on our mobile-optimized platform, liberating you from traditional, less efficient methods of storing and sharing important data. Get access to minutes, bylaws, notifications, transaction histories, balance sheets, income statements, and more.

Securely Organized Documents

View resident profiles, contact information, inspection reports, and access any other files you will ever need. Important condo documents—such as bylaws, parking agreements, building security, assessments, meeting minutes and budget forecasts—are easily uploaded at the click of a button and can be shared with you, or vendors all in one easy-to-use space.

Live Maintenance Requests

Experience a “click to connect” approach for service requests, complete with file attachment. Up-to-the-minute status updates keep you on top of progress throughout the entire process, and you can even view vendor work orders through the portal.


Request a Proposal

We want to show you just how easy and enjoyable having a managed investment property can be! Enjoy a hands-off, worry-free approach while having full access and knowledge of everything that happens with your condo.

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