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We understand that everyone has different requirements for their properties. We're flexible and will cater our services to your needs.

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Utilizing our advanced property management app, you can access real-time reporting information, so you never have to question the charges.

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With decades of experience in the industry, you can count on us to be reliable, professional, and friendly. We are the best at what we do!

Stress-Free Solutions

Make the Most of Your Investment
With Rental Management in Calgary

Managing your rental property can be stressful and emotionally exhausting. So why not take the pressure off your shoulders and leave it to a rental management company that not only helps but cares about the success of your property? 

At New Leaf Properties™, our primary focus is to maximize the potential of your property, while ensuring that everything is managed efficiently. We take a proactive approach with our processes, guaranteeing long-lasting tenants and more engagement from us. When your property succeeds, so do we. 

Unlike other
property management companies in Calgary, you’ll enjoy a fresh, unique approach from us. Transparency and efficiency is part of our repertoire, and with the use of our real-time cloud software, you’ll be able to track your rental property and know everything that happens. 

Try something different; experience a fresh start with New Leaf Properties™.

What We Do For You

Awards & Certifications


Our property management experts bring over 40 years of combined industry experience to the table. We’ve implemented turnkey solutions to ensure your needs are met.


We employ innovative strategies that help you stay on top of things. Our software also helps you stay organized with all information accessible 24 hours a day.

Did You Know?

At New Leaf Properties™, we utilize the best property management software on the market! Sign up to access your software login. 

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The Rental Management Company

Committed To Your Property

Some rental property management companies just collect the cheque, make some small renovations with few check-ins and little reporting. We’re not like that. We have skin in the game. We take a partnered approach, so we’re not just your reliable rental management company in Calgary, we’re your partner. 

We’re proactive and take an interest in your property so that you can get the most out of it. We don’t wait around for things to go wrong; we take the initiative so that nothing ever gets left behind. 


We use advanced processes such as in-depth background checks and interviews to screen tenants, so you get people that stay for years. We focus on keeping them in your property as long as possible, guaranteeing continual income in your pockets.


With a trusted contracting team working for us, we’re proactive with all house maintenance; any repairs, restorations or renovations that need to be done, will be taken care of in a timely manner.  


Why risk missing out on your investment when you have experienced property management in Calgary that will prevent problems and overcome the obstacles for you? Expect the best from New Leaf Properties™.

Our Process



Are you ready to get started with a property management company? Send us an email, outlining some of the details of your property.



Whether you need a property manager for a condo or an investment property, we can sit down for a consultation to discuss your needs and our capabilities.



Based on what we discussed during your consultation, we present a proposal that will include our final pricing as well as a list of services.


Get Started

We look forward to being your long-term property management company! Passing off your landlord responsibilities to us is like passing off all your stress.

What They’re Saying About Us

Let New Leaf Properties™ Be

Your Rental Management Company in Calgary

Enjoy a new kind of approach to rental management in Calgary with New Leaf Properties™; the rental property management company that is open, reliable and transparent with its clients. 


Our open communication approach means we’re always ready to help you at a moment’s notice. We’ll listen to your concerns, understand your goals and manage your property with your ambitions and goals in mind. 


Our transparency extends to our property management software; a centralized customer service platform that helps you stay in the loop with everything regarding your property. From financial and accounting tools and tracking and reporting features to service requests, you can do it all with our service — both on the desktop and your phone. 


Experience a simpler way to manage your rental property. Experience New Leaf Properties™.

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